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Herein we will list publications (books, conference proceedings, and journal papers), which are indirect related to the research field of Shnoll Lab. Those publications of them, which were made under terms and conditions of the Budapest Open Initiative, are accessed for free donwload herefrom. The other publications are mere listed here as bibliography items. Because the full list of publications on this theme is very large (Prof. Shnoll and his co-workers published over 200 papers commencing in 1954), we first upload Schnoll’s resulting book of 2009 whose Russian edition is thus accessed for download below. The English edition is coming soon within the next months. The bibliography list of Shnoll Lab will thus be under permanent update: link this page to your bookmarks, for further news, please.

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Cosmophysical Factors in Stochastic Processesby Simon E. ShnollThis book results long-term observations that were recorded and analysed over many years. Through these we were able to identify a new, previously unknown, phenomenon, which remains as yet unexplained. Attempts to explain it through some methodical cause, the „scattering“ of measurement results obtained from absolutely different types of processes   chemical and biological reactions, noises in electronic systems, thermal noise in a gravitational wave antenna, and also many different kinds of radioactive decay. This phenomenon is due to space-time fluctuations, which appear in the object being studied during its travel through an inhomogeneous anisotropic space-time region. The fine structure of the fluctuations‘ amplitude spectrum of the measured quantities, i.e. the form of the respective histograms, changes periodically with time and only depends on the geographical location and the local time of observation. Part 1 of this book provides a description of the main stages of this research produced during the period of 1951-1997. Those led to conjoint and consistent conclusions. Part 2 of this book presents the results obtained in the study of the aforementioned effect in systematical measurements of 239-Pu alpha-decay.

ISBN: 978-1-59973-268-8
Edition: English translation from the original Russian edition
Publisher: American Research Press, Rehoboth (NM), USA
Year: 2012
Pages: 433 pages
Language: Text and summary in English
Download: 22.9 Mb PDF
Full ref: Shnoll S. E. Cosmophysical Factors in Stochastic Processes. American Research Press, Rehoboth (NM), 2012, 433 pages (in English)

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